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Hunter BL505 Digital brake lathe. Very little us on it. Original condition. 90 day warranty.

Includes nice set of adaptors. digital readout. THIS ONE IS SOLD, BUT WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE THAT IS SIMILIAR




  • Heavy duty construction                                                        

  • 110volt, 50/60 Hz. power                                                             
  • Standard passenger car and pickup adapters included                        

  • Handles light & medium trucks, optional adapters available.                                                       

  • Heavy duty bench is included

  • Easy to operate   EASY TO SELF SERVICE

  • Service available through Snap-On (R)

  • Sturdy 1" shaft

  • Hubless adapter optional

  • $2,500.00  Including Bench  



Capacity- Drums 6" to 28"

Rotors 6" to 20" diameter   150mm to 510 mm

2" thick

Spindle speeds: 105 and 180 RPM

Feeds Power crossfeed (disks) .003" (.076 mm) per spindle revolution 

Drums: .005" (.127 mm) and .0125" (.318 mm) per spindle revolution

Motor: 1 HP 115-230 volt 50/60 Hz. 1 Phase



All the Features to Precision Resurface Automobile And Truck Rotors, Drums, And Flywheels Fast And Accurately



ACCU-TURN 8944 Multi-speed Disk and Drum lathe


Used Accu-turn combination lathe with bench. Multi-speed model 8944, heavy duty. Refurbished and in beautiful condition. Looks almost new. Includes bench and all standard adaptors. Very fast one cut operation. Adjustable spindle speeds and infinitely variable cross speed. This is Accu-turn's "premium" model. Can be reconfigured to turn truck drums and rotors. This is the lathe of "Choice" for many top rated auto repair shops. One cut in half the time.  $3,000.00  Bench is $200.00 extra (Also have several Accu-turn Rotor ONLY models priced at $1,800.00) 
Rotor Capacity

Maximum width of Surface

Maximum Thickness

4" to 24"     102mm  to 510mm

4.5inch        114mm

2 1/4 inch       57mm

Drum Capacity

Depth Of Cut

6" to 28"      152mm to 711mm

10"               254mm

Flywheel Capacity

Friction Surface Capacity

6" to 24"       152mm  to 610mm

6inch             152mm  

Drum, rotor, weight Max.

Standard Arbor

Heavy duty Arbor

Heavy duty with support


150pounds      68kg.

300 pounds     136kg.

600 pounds      273kg.

Spindle Speed 52 to 105 RPM
Feeds Per Revolution: Rotor

Drum feed per revolution

0.0030inch       0.077mm

0.0046 inch   0.117mm  0.234mm

Motor 1 H.P.
Weight 500 pounds        227kg.


Click to see Van Norman® 305H Truck Drum Lathe

  Click for photos Brake shoe grinders, riveters, liner, deliner  

  • STAR Air Powered               
  • Tooling included
  • Brakes and clutches
  • Heavy duty
  • Reconditioned


AMMCO® model 7000 ROTOR lathe. Only does rotors,  High speed, easy to operate. FAST, ACCURATE ROTOR MOUNTING. Sold WITHOUT the bench. The bench is OPTIONAL. Included are the standard adaptors.  HANDLES ROTORS UP TO 19.5" (501.6MM) AND UP TO 1 3/4" WIDE (44.45MM) THE OPEN END DESIGN PERMITS RECONDITIONING MANY FLANGED TRUCK ROTORS.

Optional adaptors are available for Hubless rotors and trucks. 


  Reconditioned Ammco® Truck drum lathe with bench and Outboard support for huge truck dual wheels, loads of adaptors.
Reconditioned Ammco® Truck drum lathe and Ammco® 7000 rotor lathe on a bench. Two machines, one for car and truck drums, one for car and truck rotors.  



Van Norman Disk and Drum Lathe

We also stock many different truck lathes.

On the car Rotor Lathe

  • Models by VBG®, Hunter® in stock
  • Reconditioned, very nice condition
  • Saves time, cuts smooth
  • Includes standard adaptors

Price $1,000.00   save thousands over a new one.


VGB Procut reconditioned and beautiful, 90 day warranty  $1,000.00  
Procut Black On-Car-Lathe, reconditioned and beautiful, 90 day warranty  $1,650.00  
ProCut 9.0 computerized On-Car-Lathe. reconditioned and beautiful. 90 day warranty  $2,500.00  

ProCut 9.2 computerized On-Car-Lathe. reconditioned and beautiful. 90 day warranty  $3,000.00  
ProCut 9.2 DRO computerized On-Car-Lathe. reconditioned and beautiful. 90 day warranty  $4,000.00  


Used "ProCut®" Black on-the-car-lathe. Beautiful original condition. Very little use. Call for best price.$1,650.00

Reconditioned Hunter® On-The-Car rotor lathe. Easy to operate, famous Hunter quality. Only $1,400.00 delivered.







The BRC480 provides the benefits of both caliper-mount and hub-mount lathes! The ultimate solution for modern On-Car  brake repair! Two lathes in one, for less than the price of a good bench lathe!

Caliper-mounted or hub-mounted, which is the best? RTI's caliper-mount lathes are the best at producing "near zero" runout automatically and can be used if the bearing is, or can be, pre-loaded. RTI's hub-mount lathes can be used in more applications than caliper-mount lathes, but hub-mount lathes are more difficult to set up in order to eliminate runout below 0.001" (0.025mm). Therefore, in reality, some vehicle brake jobs benefit from a caliper-mount lathe, while in other applications, a hub-mount lathe is ideal. Fortunately, RTI has the solution!

With RTI's new "hub arm" technology, a combination caliper-mount/hub-mount hybrid has been developed to give you the best of both worlds. The special aluminum hub arm with heavy-duty roller bearings allows the new BRC40 Caliper-Mount Mini Lathe to be used as an hub-mount lathe. The hub arm is called the BRC440. It works very much like the RTI BRC450 Hub-Mount Lathe, except it uses the same cutting head and drive as the BRC40. When the BRC440 is used with the BRC40 Mini Lathe, it is called the BRC480.

For vehicles with pre-loaded bearings, simply choose the caliper-mount setup, insert the listed adapter, install cylinder clamps, and resurface the rotor with unbelievable precision. For other vehicles, install the hub arm, perform the rapid runout compensation setup and go! It's that simple! The RTI Dual On-Car Lathe provides you with the best solution for any need!


The most advanced caliper-mount on-car brake lathe available!

The BRC40 is designed to provide "total alignment" that even exceeds OEM specs!

  • Auto in and out Feed

  • Auto in-feed stop

  • Synchronized Speed/Feed

  • Multi-Directional

  • Automatic precision!

  • Fits majority of all cars with very few adapters!

  • Approved by over twenty large automobile manufacturers and service chains worldwide!

The RTI BRC40 is caliper-mounted, ensuring that the machined disc surface will be virtually parallel to the disc brake pad plane. This and the micro-finish created by the variable feed and speed, guarantees the maximum contact of brake pad to disc surface area possible. Runout, thickness variation, pedal pulsation, and adverse steering symptoms are eliminated. Brake performance is enhanced and comebacks are eliminated. No other lathe at any price offers so much precision!

A major advantage of the BRC40 over other units is fast setup and simple operation. In terms of productivity and revenue per minute, this lathe has no equal. It can be set up in minutes and can be operated by any technician with average skills and average experience with normal auto shop tools. Any technician who can change pads is capable of producing high quality results with the BRC40. Simply choose and insert the listed adapter, install twin cylinder clamps, set feed and speed and go!

The BRC40 is fully capable of handling preloaded front wheel bearing applications, as well as many rear rotors. The BRC40 is more flexible and is able to service more rear applications because of the ability of its Mini Lathe to fit in tighter access rear wheel wells.



AMMCO®  model 710 on car rotor lathe. One is available as shown, without cutter head or adaptors. Price is 500.00

One is available almost new condition with cutter head and adaptors. Very nice original condition. Price is 1,800.00