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Worth Quality Surface Mounted Lifts

AVAILABLE IN 9000LB. ASYMMETRICAL, symmetrical or base-plate Two post at $2,650.00 including US delivery. Call for export pricing or cash and carry price. Chain over hydraulic. Three Horsepower motor. American made. 



4 POST 12,000LB. CAPACITY  $2,800.00 delivered most US

4 POST 12,000LB. ALIGNMENT MODEL $3,900.00 delivered in US. Open front, jacking rails.

LARGER SIZES AVAILABLE. 18,000lbs. 25,000 lbs. 40,000lbs. 80,000lbs, 100,000lbs.

Portable movable column lifts in many various sizes.

We have one like this with a Hunter "swing" jack and front turntables. Price is $4,200.00


Ammco Drive on alignment Rack. Includes turntables and one manual jack. We will repaint, and it will look very nice. Price $2,000.00 Easy to install, just level and bolt down.  Sold


Reconditioned alignment "PIT" racks. Hunter, Bear, John Bean and a Truck model pit rack to go into the ground. Truck pit rack, turntables and bending kit with OTC electric-hydraulic pump and Hunter A111 with truck heads. $7,000.00

4 Post Wheel Alignment Lift 12,000 lb. capacity

Lowest prices in US


Omer Sissors Lift

New or Reconditioned



One only.

12 volt DC operation, off car battery.[Image]Quality Surface Mounted Lifts

Electric hydraulic.

6000lb. capacity.

Tow behind auto.

Lifts 5 feet.  Sorry, Sold


Used 4 Post Ben Pearson9000lb. lift


Used two post Mohawk lift 7000lb

Used two post lift three phase