VAN NORMAN FG4000 FLYWHEEL GRINDER. New model, very small footprint. Great for race car trailer. Takes very small space. Reconditioned includes 3 adaptors. Only $3,050.00


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  Van Norman started manufacturing the FG4000 in 1998. The FG4000 Flywheel Grinder is compact--19" x 30", so it takes up less space. With a 16" capacity, the FG4000 is an ideal machine for the service shop, racing team, transmission shop, or the automotive jobber that sells clutches.

The unique design starts with the massive one piece base casting with the exclusive cast in table support, to the massive column slide with the large cast in dove tail ways to the cast motor slide. The entire construction is rugged and properly supported to absorb any potential vibration caused by aggressive grinding pressure. You cannot substitute sheet metal or cast iron in any grinding machine application and achieve acceptable results. Because roller bearings are not used to support the table, no field service or replacement is required throughout the life of the machine.

Also, the FG4000 features direct table drive which delivers consistent torque to the table. It has no chains or belts to lubricate, adjust, replace, or maintain.



FG4000 Flywheel/Clutch Grinder

Work Piece Capacity, in. (mm)
16 (406)
Table Diameter, in. (mm)
12 (305)
T Slots in Table
Table Support Diameter, in. (mm)
9 (229)
Vertical Head Travel, in. (mm)
6.75 (171)
Max Height Table/Wheel, in. (mm)
6.75 (171)
Grinding Motor, HP (Kw)@3500 RPM
5 (3.5)
Coolant Capacity, Gal. (Liters)
5 (19)
Height: Overall, in. (mm)
57 (1448)
To Table, in. (mm)
29 (737)
Width: in. (mm)
19 (483)
Depth: in. (mm)
30 (762)
Net Wt.: Lbs. (kg)
850 (386)
Ship Wt.: Lbs. (kg)
1000 (454)