Portable Hand held Gas analyzers

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New Allstate's A.E.M.S. 4001   4  gas portable hand held analyzer   Priced at only 4 gas  $3,200.00

5 gas portable analyzer priced at only $3,999.00
Purchase 5 gas without the LED readout and connect to your PC, only $3,250.00

New Wireless model now available

Uses the Rugged Sensors bench. (the best) Not a toy. Very heavy duty machine. Not one of the micro-gas flimsy analyzers.

P.C. Based. will run in Microsoft windows. Portable stand alone unit tests vehicle in shop or on  the road. Power is supplied off vehicle battery or with Optional 110/220 volt converter. DOES NOT REQUIRE  A PC TO OPERATE   Connects to a printer easily Designed to meet BAR 97 (EPA ASM) and OIML R99 Class 1 standards, the 4001 uses extremely reliable solid state non dispersive technology. May be shipped as a 4 or 5 gas analyzer. Can be upgraded in the field to a 5 gas. Optional software allows connectivity to a PC for recording, storing and analyzing data in a variety of graphic formats. Software price is $350.00


  • Microprocessor control                     Automatic zero and span adjustment
  • Full digital display visible in any light
  • LED indicators for all functions
  • Membrane switches
  • Serial PC interface
  • Fast response time and low drift
  • Automatic calibration
  • Made in USA

  • 12 V.D.C .power from the car

  • Fast warm up time

  • Fast response time

  • Easy to operate

  • Low maintenance


Specifications   Power:   10-16VDC   (110/220VAC 50/60 Hz. option)

Ranges:                       HC:    0-2000ppm          CO:    0-10%

                                   CO2:  0-20%                  02:      0-25%

                                   NOx: 0-5000 ppm (Nitric Oxide) *

Warm up:                    Less than 10 minutes at 20C-self controlled

Display resolution:        HC:    1 ppm vol.            CO:     0.01% vol.

                                   CO2:  0.1% vol.              O2:     0.01% vol.

                                    NOx:  1 ppm*

Digital display:              Four 0.5" LCD

Accuracy: (Bar 97 EPA ASM)    HC:      4 ppm HC          CO:     0.06% CO

                                                   CO2:    0.3% CO2         O2:      0.1% O2

                                                    NOx:    25 ppm*

Drift:   Zero and span drift are less that + - 0.6% of full scale for

           the first hour and less than + - 0.4% of full scale per hour thereafter.

System response time:  9 seconds to 90% of final reading

Ambient conditions:      35F (2C) to 120F (45C), relative humidity                                               0-98%

Sample hose:                25 feet (7.5 m)  with quick connect coupling

Sample probe:              Stainless steel (replaceable flex tip)

Mass:                           Approx. 12 lbs. (6Kg)

*)  Optional on 4 gas             



OTC Micro gas 4 gas analyzer in almost new condition. this is a Repossession and was used only a few times. all the cables and connectors are there. it works great. Asking only $3,500.00 Compare to a new one at about $7,000.00