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Used Index milling machine in excellent condition. Uses collet system. Large table. Priced at only $2,200.00


Used Interlake strapping machine. Air operated. Only $250.00


14" X 40" American made lathe. Lots of tooling included. Nice heavy duty lathe in a small size.

Asking $1,800.00



Spring making factory Hydraulic powered "U BOLT Bender" Make your own "u bolts" two in stock. Asking $800.00 each


MAKINO SURFACE GRINDER In good condition except for rubber boot is torn, front control handle is broken. Replacement cost new is $45,000.00. Our asking price on this is only $1,500.00


BOREMATIC machine by "HEALD" Extremely heavy duty Horizontal  boring machine. Was in use boring cylinders in automotive air conditioning compressors. The bottom photo shows the "table". Accepting offers on this machine. We also have an "Automatic" model that is very similiar, but has a relay controlled automatic control panel.


Cylindrical grinder. Price is $500.00


Vertical "Filing machine" Old but handy. Vertical up and down motion is used for filing of parts. Can produce slots and other vertical cuts. asking $500.00  Made in Germany.


50 Ton Punch and shear. Was used in a factory manufacturing springs for trucks. Works well. extremely heavy duty. Asking $2,000.00 Close ups shop the punch opening and the "Shear" opening



JUMP SHEAR. 48" Jump on the pedal to cut mild steel sheets. Works well. Only $350.00