CoatsŪ 40-40 tire changer. designed for steel and aluminum wheels. special adaptor necessary to use on aluminum wheels.
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MODEL : 40-50       40-40     40-40 SA

CoatsŪ 40-40 and 40-40SA  40-50 tire changers. Reconditioned. $1,100.00, $1,200.00, $1,300.00 

This is a very heavy duty, almost indestructible tire changer. Weight is 550 pounds. Extremely easy to operate. Thousands in use all over the world. Service available almost anywhere, if needed. Inflator is built in.


Operation: One Wheel position Loosen bead/Mount & Demount in the same position


Wheels handled: Alloy (using optional adaptors) and steel
Mount/Demount Mechanism: Separate tool engages center post
Tool head offset
Wheel clamping method: Centering cone mounts on center post
Bead loosening system: 1 foot actuated control operates both a 7" and a 5" auxiliary cylinder that loosens both beads simultaneously on wheels up to 19" wide
Drive system options: Powered by dual chrome plated air cylinders
Pressure limiter
Air supply gauge: 0 to 300 PSI
Rim diameter: 19" Maximum
Rim width: 38" Max Outside
Tire Diameter: 38" Max Outside
Type of Drive System: Air only
Required Air Source: 5 SCFM at 150 PSI
Chassis footprint: 53" wide X 17.5" D X 42" High
Shipping weight: 575 lbs.