AMPRO CLEANING SYSTEM FOR HEADS AND BLOCKS. WILL HANDLE LARGE BLOCKS. Save money, no chemicals needed. No environmental problems. the Oven bakes off the dirt. the Shot Blaster makes it like new. the Shaker removes the shot.  the Afterburner and the Filter.  Ready to run.  All original paint. Full Hydraulic operation. Covers lift up 90 degrees for easy loading. Basket tilts with airdraulic assist.  Asking only $10,000.00 for entire system. OPTIONAL  30 foot overhead electric trolley  at  $1,000.00  more.


AMPRO three piece cleaning system including Afterburner, dust collector  15 feet stainless

exhaust stack, 30 foot long overhead electric hoist and trolley is optional at $1,000.00 more.