DCM TECH FLYWHEEL GRINDERS. Heavy duty workhorse, in beautiful condition.


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DCM TECH SG5500 FLYWHEEL GRINDER. Unit is in beautiful condition. Handles up to a 25" flywheel. Includes several adaptors. Ready to make you money. Will ship anywhere  $ 4,500.00

Heavy Duty Column with protective cover

Heavy duty 18" diameter Rotary table with 12  T-slots

One piece base casting with Reinforcing Ribs assure maximum rigidity

Precision 10" diameter Roller thrust bearing

Removable front cover for access to machine adjustments

Dual Belt Work table Drive - Adjustable from front of machine

Table fully supported by integral Thrust Bearing

Friction reducing graphite impregnated surface on thrust Bearing

Oil bath lubrication between table and Thrust bearing


230 volt, 3 phase (also one phase)

motor =  5HP  3510 RPM

Height  =  5'  4"   Weight  =  1400 lbs.

Floor space =  3' x 3'

Maximum capacity  =  25"

Head Travel  =  8" vertical