Ultra Fab power pusher for Boats, trailers, RV's

Hydraulic lift to raise and lower with ball

One nice refurbished one available

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Electric Lift Available
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Ultra-Power Mover ~ PM5900
ower to spare begins with the PM5900. Available with 3 different speed/toque combinations plus hydraulic lift option, this muscle-bound model can push or pull just about anything on wheels up to 100 times its own weight. Its upgraded 2hp. motor gives the extra punch to lift 1000 lbs. tongue weight, while its variable speed control provides smooth acceleration and precision maneuverability.

Power Mover
Overall Length     53"    
Overall Width     38"    
Overall Height     38"    
Weight (including batteries)     550 lbs.    
Tongue Weight Load (front lift)     1,000 lbs.    
Tongue Weight Load (center lift)     NA    
Standard Caster Wheel Size (rear)     6"    
Steering Wheel Size (rear)     NA    
Tire Size (front)     18x9.5x8"    
Drive Type Axle     Stub Axle    
Batteries (standard)     (2)SRM 31    
Features & Options
Single Speed Control     NA    
Variable Speed Control     S    
Built-In Battery Charger(s)     S (1)    
Battery Level Indicator     S    
Hour Meter     S    
DC Motor 3/4 HP     NA    
DC Motor 2 HP Intermittent     S    
DC Motor 2 HP (continuous duty)     O    
Hydraulic Lift (front 7" travel)     O    
Electric Lift (12v DC 8" travel)     O    
Hydraulic Lift HD (16" travel)     NA    
Foam Filled Tires     O    
Non-Marking Tires (grey)     O    
Locking Type Hub     NA    
Electric Trailer Brake Connection     O    
All-Terrain Tire Package     O    
Weight Kit     O    
Auxiliary Hydraulic Quick Con. Kit     O    
Speed/Torque Package
Max 1 mph & approx. 1500 ft. lbs     O    
Max 1.6 mph & approx. 1000 ft. lbs     S    
Max 2.7 mph & approx. 600 ft. lbs     O    
Max .53 mph & approx. 500 ft. lbs     NA    
Max .73 mph & approx. 500 ft. lbs     NA    
Hitch Ball     S    
Pintle Hook     O    
J-Hook     O    
Pin     O    
Ring     O    
Custom Made     O    
5th Wheel Hitch     NA    

S = Standard O=Optional NA = Not Available or Not Applicable