Muffler Flanger, Swedger, expander
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This Muffler, flanger, swedger, is built by AMH. It is a 10 Horse Power machine in 220 volt. It has the capability to operate BOTH stations AT THE SAME TIME.   It can do expanding and swedging, flaring, reducing and other operations. The expander has the capability to do up to 5 inch with the OPTIONAL adaptors. It comes with the standard set, up to 2 1/2 inch.  The paint is original and has not been used that much. Good working condition.  Price is $ 4,000.00

The 3 inch expander segment set cost is $750.00

The 4 inch expander segment set is         $800.00

The 5 inch expander segment set is         $1,025.00

The larger size arbor is                           $ 695.00