Muffler manufacture End Seamer instructions

Muffler and Silencers are end seamed easily and quickly with our Double or Single End Seamers. fast manufacturing of mufflers and silencers.

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Operating instructions for Double End Seamer or Single End seamer

1.    Fill hydraulic tank to within 4" (100mm) from top with Castrol AWH46 or equal.

2.    Connect power and start machine checking for clockwise rotation on the motor fan.

3.    Raise head by depressing mushroom button on foot pedal.

4.    Install safety guard with brackets supplied and fit micro switch to guard.

5.    Insert mandrils to be used in centre hubs and tighten in position with bolts supplied.

6.    CAUTION:  Make absolutely certain that the mandrils are in the correct position according to their markings on the top of each.  SEVERE damage will be caused by incorrect positioning. NOTE: Round muffler mandrils are inter-changeable from one position to another.

7.    Insert assembled muffler into machine with the top and bottom tools nesting on the top and bottom end plates of the muffler. If excessive force is being used by the top gearbox unwind the pressure relief valve anti clockwise, which is located on the hydraulic manifold at the left rear of the machine.

8.    Once in position, close the guard. Depress the foot pedal once more and the machine will automatically start and stop.

9.    Once the machine has stopped, do not open the guard. Press the mushroom switch on the top of the foot pedal which will raise the top head and gearbox upwards. Only raise it high enough to enable the muffler to be removed and the next one placed in.

10.    Open the guard and remove the muffler. the return height has now been automatically set to return to this height each time after the end seaming cycle has finished. It will remain on this setting until the machine is turned off.

11.    Place a new muffler assembly in the machine. Lower top head and gearbox down until muffler is set firmly in place. Close the guard. Press the foot pedal and the cycle will automatically start and then finish. After the machine has stopped rotating, the top head and gearbox will raise up to its previously set position.

12.     To adjust the timing of the arms coming out, the rotating dial on the front control panel can be turned anti clockwise to decrease or clockwise to increase the time taken. They only need to be changed if the material is harder than usual and a buckling effect is occurring on the muffler seam itself.

The machine is now ready for production.

Note: If it is found that round mufflers are tending to slip, adjust the flow control valve slightly clockwise, which is located on the rear of the machine directly in line with the pressure lines to the arms. Note: Open the valve again for oval mufflers.

Maintenance:  The chromed columns on each side of the machine must be oiled 3 times daily.

Hydraulic oil should be changed yearly, and the oil tank cleaned out. the oil strainer filter must also be checked and cleaned for blockages.