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BMW full package

BMW vehicles from 1997 have four mileage memories:

  • Instrument cluster (from 2000 production with M35080 EPROM)
  • Headlight module
  • EWS (alarm module)
  • Vehicles keys

The DigiDIS is capable to program all (including programming the EWS and keys) of these memories with the requested mileage. This requires the key reader/eraser and the options in the DigiDIS have to be unlocked.

Part of the BMW package is as well the erase function of the M35080 chip itself. This makes programming a lot easier, since the needles do not need to be removed and the M35080 does not need to be replaced anymore.

Key reader / eraser One of three different headlight modules

The BMW full package includes the M35080, Headlight, EWS and Key option. As a bonus we add to this the E46 diagnostic package.